Global market share analysis of the pump industry

This page analyzes the global market share, industry ranking and market size of the pumps industry. It also provides an overview of global pump manufacturers such as Grundfos, ITT, Flowserve, Wilo, KSB, Suzler, Ebara, Weir Group and Nikkiso.

Market share

A simple calculation of the global market share of the pump industry in 2020, using the sales of each pump company in FY2020 as the numerator and the market size described below as the denominator, shows that Grandfoss of Denmark will be in first place with 7%, Flowserve of the United States will be in second place with 4.5%, and the Weir Group of the United Kingdom will be in third place with 3.4%.

Pump Company Market Share and Industry Ranking in 2020

  • No1 Grundfos 7.0%
  • No2 Flowserve 4.5%
  • No3 Weir Group 3.4%
  • No4 Wilo 2.9%
  • No5 KSB 2.8%
  • No6 Ebara Corporation 2.7%
  • No7 Sulzer 2.4%
  • No8 Ingersoll-Rand 1.7%
  • No9 IDEX 1.5%
  • No10 Nikkiso 1.4%
  • No11 ITT 1.3%
  • No12 Roper Technologies 0.8%
  • No13 Shanghai Kaiquan Pump 0.7%
  • No14 Gorman Group 0.6%
  • No15 Shanghai East Pump Group 0.5%
Pump Company Market Share and Industry Ranking in 2020
Pump Company Market Share and Industry Ranking in 2020

In first place is Grandfoss of Denmark, which has been the industry leader in pump-related acquisitions since the 2000s. In the second place is Flowserve in the U.S., which is expanding its pump business from the perspective of fluid control. In the third place is the Weir Group, which is strong in exhaust pumps in the United Kingdom. In the fourth and fifth places are KSB and Wilo in Germany. In the sixth place is Ebara Corporation in Japan. In seventh place is Sulzer, a long-established Swiss pump manufacturer whose major shareholder is the Russian investment firm Renova Group. Among the Chinese pump manufacturers, Shanghai Kaiquan Principal and Shanghai East Pump Group are in the top ten.

Market Size

DEALLAB calculates the market share of the industrial pumps industry based on the global market size of $60.2 billion in 2020. The data used for reference is as follows.

According to research firm Grand View Research, the global market size of the industrial pumps industry will be $60.2 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% through 2028.
According to research firm Beloe, the market will be worth $62.6 billion in 2019.

What is a pump?

A pump is a general term for a device that adjusts the speed and pressure of a liquid coming in from the inlet and sends it to the outlet. For example, a pump is used in a fire hydrant to adjust the pressure of the water so that firefighting can be done effectively. Pumps are broadly classified into positive displacement pumps and non-positive displacement pumps. They are also divided into hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps, and electric pumps according to the method of pressure transmission.

Overview of pump manufacturers


ITT’s ancestral business was a telecommunications company that was created in 1920 as International Telephone & Telegraph. In the course of strategy development, the company acquired Sheraton Hotels and Hartford Life Insurance, and later spun off to become a manufacturer of industrial equipment such as brake pads, shims, shock absorbers, pumps, and connectors. Pumps are sold under the Goulds Pumps brand. Xylem, a water treatment equipment company, was also spun off from ITT and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Flowserve was founded in 1997 through the merger of BW/IP and Durco International, two leading fluid equipment manufacturers, and strengthened its business through the acquisition of IDP, a leading pump manufacturer, in 2000, and SIHI Group, a leading Italian manufacturer of vacuum and fluid pumps, in 2014.


KSB is a long-established, comprehensive pump manufacturer based in Germany, founded in 1871. The company is a family-owned company and its shares are not publicly traded.


Sulzer is a long-established Swiss machinery manufacturer founded in 1834. Sulzer Pumps is the company’s pump business. Renova Group, a Russian investment company, is the largest shareholder.


Grundfos is a leading industrial pump manufacturer based in Denmark. Grundfos specializes in pumps for water treatment. The company offers centrifugal pumps, single-suction pumps, coolant pumps, submersible pumps, metering pumps, and circulation pumps for heating, air conditioning, water supply, industrial, chemical dosing, sterilization, and miscellaneous drainage applications. The company acquired Hilge GmbH, a German pump manufacturer in 2004, Alldos International AG, a Swiss company; in 2005, Tesla, Srl, an Italian company in 2005, PACO Pumps, a North American manufacturer of pumps for HVAC applications, in 2007. It sold Hilge GmbH, a manufacturer of pumps for the food and beverage industry, to GEA, a German company.


Ingersoll-Rand is a U.S.-based industrial equipment manufacturer founded in 1871, which merged with Gardner Denver, a manufacturer of industrial machinery such as vacuum pumps and compressors, in 2020. Prior to the merger, the HVAC business was spun off as Train Technologies. In the past, Ingersoll Rand has been home to some of the top companies in their respective fields, such as Allegion for locks and Hasman for refrigerated showcases (sold to Panasonic in 2015). The company is also strong in the field of compressors and air tools and refrigeration equipment for transportation.

Roper Technologies

Roper Technologies manufactures applications for access control, SaaS services for fire insurance, construction estimating software, truck space and cargo load brokerage services, control equipment, flow management, radio frequency products, precision rubber and polymer testing equipment and data analysis software, and specialty pumps.


Gorman-Rupp is a North American based pump manufacturer founded in 1934. The company manufactures pumps for use in water, wastewater, construction, dewatering, industrial, petroleum, original equipment, agricultural, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, military, and other liquid handling applications.


Ebara Corporation, established in 1912, is one of Japan's leading comprehensive pump manufacturers, and in 2020 acquired Vansan, a leading deep-well motor pump manufacturer in Turkey, with the aim of expanding its business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. compressor business is operated globally by our subsidiary Elliott. EBARA's position in Japan is so solid that it is said that one out of every three faucets turned on in Japan uses EBARA pumps.


Nikkiso is a major pump manufacturer based in Japan. The company manufactures leak-free pumps, metering pumps, high-speed centrifugal pumps, dialysis machines, and artificial pancreas equipment.

Wilo Group

Wilo’s ancestral business is the copper and brass manufacturing business established in 1872. Today, it provides pumps and pumping systems for the water management and industrial sectors. The company is based in Germany and Wilo-Foundation owns approximately 90% of the shares.


Weir is a leading and well-established pump manufacturer based in Scotland, UK, founded by the Weir brothers in 1871. The company’s strength lies in slurry pumps, displacement pumps and abrasive rolls used in the mining and oil sands markets. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.