About market share analysis in Japan

Market share analysis in Japan provides a simple calculation of the market share of each industry in Japan and analyzes the characteristics of the market structure (oligopoly or fragmented market) based on the market share.

The calculation of market share is mainly based on sales and market size to calculate the market share based on sales. Depending on how the numerator and denominator values are taken, the market share figure will differ. There is no right answer for the market share value. For example, in the motorcycle industry, Indian motorcycle manufacturers sell more motorcycles than their European and American counterparts, but in terms of value (sales), their sales may be lower. This is due to the fact that Western manufacturers sell a higher price of bikes per unit (as a result of their premium strategy), while Indian manufacturers sell lower priced bikes to the masses in response to disposable income in their country. While understanding the discrepancies between the values derived from the value and volume based market share calculations, the reason for calculating the value based market share on this website is that it is useful for understanding the major trends in the industry and the sales based market share calculation is an objective and repeatable method. The calculation of market share on a sales basis is very useful in identifying major trends in the industry, and that the calculation of market share on a sales basis is an objective and reproducible method.